visit of the castles

In our region you can admire history of France by visiting castles
Château de la Guerche - The Château de la Guerche, built on the banks of the Creuse, is a remarkable example of the art of building in the 15th century.
10 minutes from home
The castle of Azay-le-Ferron - a rich architecture from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, is a real machine to travel back in time that will transport us through the styles and artistic eras. You will browse the many rooms, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, library ... Or about 15 sumptuously furnished rooms in which lived the family Hersent Luzarche, owner since 1852, who bequeathed the estate to the city of Tours in 1951.
20 minutes from home
Royal City of LOCHE - here you can visit the oldest donjon in Europe which is well
conserved and royal lodging so walk in the historic old town.
40 minutes from us
MY TREASURE-The Château de Montrésor, one of the most beautiful castles of the Loire is fully furnished and has not changed for 150 years.
45 minutes from home
Angle on the Anglin- The castle of Angles-sur-l'Anglin has been monitoring the border of Poitou since the 10th century. Here you can admire the bottle of this pretty village
30 minutes from home
CHAUVIGNY - in this historic town you can visit 5 castles and even admire a bird show
Royal Fortress of CHINON - The royal fortress of Chinon, like many castles, is built on a rocky outcrop dominating Vienna and the city.
Its rich history begins in the fifth century.
50 minutes driving time
Azay le Rideau-The castle of Azay-le-Rideau is built on an island in the middle of the Indre under the reign of François Ier. Subtle alliance of French traditions and innovative decorations from Italy, it is an icon of the new art of building the Val-de-Loire in the sixteenth century.
1 hour drive
Castle USSE-It is nicknamed the castle of "Sleeping Beauty" of XV century. Ideal for families with children.
1 hour drive
CHATEAU DE RIVEAU-Children are the kings of Rivau Castle and its fairytale gardens. Rivau Castle and its fairytale gardens are the children's kingdom. The course in the gardens, designed on the theme of the marvelous, evokes fantastic characters: knights, princesses or fairies legends. With the game booklet given to them at the entrance, children can live crazy adventures.
45minutes from us
Chenonceau- is not only remarkable for its architecture and history but also for the fine quality of these collections that can be visited inside: Renaissance furniture, a set of tapestries from the sixteenth and seventeenth century and many pieces of art.
1 hour drive.
Royal Castle Amboise-Located in the town of Amboise, the medieval fortress of Amboise gives way to a royal residence under the reigns of Kings Charles VIII and Francis I (late fifteenth to early sixteenth century). Many European scholars and artists stay at the Court of Amboise at the invitation of the sovereigns, like Leonardo da Vinci who rests in the chapel
The Château du Clos Lucé-formerly known as the Cloux manor house-is a mansion located in the Amboise 500 town center of Amboise Royal Castle.
1 hour from the road