Visit of the villages to the towers

CHAMBON -C'and a small town of 300 inhabitants and rich of a beautiful
Rural heritage whose jewels are the Saint-Paul church and the castle of Rouvray but also the castle of Chambon, castle of the Custière, the castle of Garenne, the Manoir de la Tour, Moulin de Chambon.
Here you can visit the art pottery of Jacqueline and Bernard COURCOUL and eat in the gourmet restaurant "Le vieux fournil"
So you can take a walk in the forest of our village and admire the pond of the Forge where come to take refuge many herons and ducks
PREUILLY SUR CLAISE - is the capital of the southernmost canton of Touraine on the borders of Berry and Poitou.
Here you can discover:
The Poterne and the Lion Castle
The Abbey Church-2nd century
Hotel de Ralliere and the Rue des Pavillons-de 1630 surroundings
Rue Saint Mélaine and Notre Dame des Echelles - which is characterized by a house dated from the first half of XVI century
YZEUS ON HOLLOW-It is one of the oldest villages of Touraine, its occupation dates back more than 10,000 years BC. Nestled in the valley of the Creuse at its confluence with the Gartempe, its location as a border village between the three former provinces of Touraine, Poitou and Berry, will give it an important role during the Antiquity and the Merovingian period
Here you can visit:
Dolmen of the Pierre Levée
this dolmen is located near the confluence of Creuse and Gartempe at a place called the Pierre Levée. Its approximate dimensions are 23 meters in circumference, 60 to 70 centimeters thick. It is surrounded by a belt of stones or cromlech on a stretch of 35 meters
Museum of MADO ROBIN
This museum exhibits the memories of the singer born in the village. You can see photos, posters and audiovisual documents, but also his costumes scenes presented in reconstructed sets of his biggest roles
Abilly sur Claise -Located at the confluence of Claise and Creuse, Abilly is a Mecca of Prehistory nestled between Descartes and Le Grand-Pressigny.
Here you can visit:
ARCHEOLAB Museum - Archaeological Site Museum
Church Saint Martin - of XII century
Manoir de la Chatière of XII and XIV century
The logis du Pont
La Chaisière-was a prehistoric workshop of flint instruments manufacturing.
GRAND PRESIGNY - Tourist village of South Touraine located at the confluence of Claise and Aigronne, the Grand-Pressigny is very well known. In the 6th century, Gregory of Tours quotes him under the name of Prisciniacus, then he will be called Precigné, Pressigny-les-Quatre-Eglises (15th century), Pressigny-le-Grand (16th century) to finally be named today Grand-Pressigny.
-Museum of prehistory which is located on the territory of the castle of Grand Presigny
The fortress of Grand-Pressigny is, after that of Loches, the largest and best preserved of the region.
The Saint-Gervais - Saint-Protais church is a complex building whose construction has ranged from the 12th to the 16th centuries. We can see an elegant chevet decorated with capitals with figures dating from the twelfth and a seventeenth century altarpiece.The nave in two vessels and the unique bell tower whose spire dates from 1636 were rebuilt in the 15th century.
La Fontaine des Ferrus - This fountain is located north of the town, it is a circular basin 5 meters in diameter. A legend once claimed that the devil appeared some nights of full moon in the form of a huge goat and wandered around the fountain sowing terror among the Pressignois.
The Troglodytes - Located at the end of the village, on the small road of Celle-Guenand, is the small troglodyte hamlet called Les Roches, including cellars, houses leaned on the hillside with cellars, and even a quarry.
For more information we advise you to come to the tourist office of Grand Presigny -Place Savoie -Villars
Nestled in the eastern arc of Poitou, bordering Touraine and Berry, LA ROCHE POSAY proudly overlooks the beautiful valleys of Creuse and Gartempe and their networks of undulating tributaries lined with castles and fortified farms.
LA ROCHE-POSAY, proposes in its preserved environment, a dynamic animation and all the services of a large friendly and human-sized spa (it is one of the top 20 in France): balneotherapy, SPA, racecourse, casino, golf, tennis, horse riding, cinema, doctors, pharmacies, shops, hotels, restaurants

Angle on Anglin :
Classified among the most beautiful villages of France, Angles-sur-l'Anglin forms a particularly harmonious site with its beautiful houses, its peaceful river and the ruins of its medieval castle which dominate the whole. A village full of charm not to be missed ...

ABBEY of Fongombault:
Founded in the eleventh century on the right bank of the Creuse, Fontgombault abbey was repeatedly destroyed and looted in particular, the Wars of Religion and Revolution. Restored in the nineteenth century, this amazing architectural ensemble, imposing and simple, now hosts a community of Benedictine monks. It is a place of spiritual retreat very prized for the calm and the serenity which emerge from this pretty corner of Brenne

Capital of Brenne, the city of Blanc has the heart between two banks, crossed by the Creuse which has shaped its history and its face. Between the lower town and the upper town, a visit to the Saint Genitour church, the Château Naillac and the mill of the spinning mill will tell you about the rich past of this city at the mercy of pretty cobbled streets. A heritage to discover according to his desires and adapted formulas, with even, for gourmands, the opportunity to learn about local flavors.